Coding Adventures: Tynker’s Kickstarter Campaign

Our friends at Tynker have launched a Kickstarter Campaign called “Tynker Coding Adventures”, a game-based platform that teaches kids programming. These fun games gives children an exciting new way to learn how to code, solving multi-level challenges like repairing a flying castle on Turing’s tower or defeating a Goblin King on Goblin Quest. Want to … Continue reading Coding Adventures: Tynker’s Kickstarter Campaign

Hole In The Wall

We love this story and initiative! Hole In The Wall is an innovative learning methodology conceived by Dr. Sugata Mitra with the question that if children were given free and unsupervised access to a computer, what would they do? In 1999, Dr. Mitra placed a freely accessible computer, without any instructions, inside a “hole-in-the-wall” in … Continue reading Hole In The Wall